Crazy Pineapple Poker is a variation of Texas Hold’em, where you are dealt three hole cards instead of only two like in Texas Hold’em. After the second betting round on the flop, you must muck one of these three cards. Several variations of Crazy Pineapple Poker exist. In all these variations of Crazy Pineapple Poker the players are dealt three hole cards. However, there are differences for when to muck the third card and in the rules about the strength of the hands.

Pineapple Poker

Pineapple Poker is played exactly like the “crazy” version with the difference that one of the three hole cards must be mucked already pre-flop before the first round of betting. Besides this, this variant is played exactly the same way as Texas Hold’em and is especially suitable for amateur players who want to spice up their home games with a small variation of Texas Hold’em.

Lazy Pineapple Poker (Hold’em Tahoe)

Lazy Pineapple Poker (also known as Tahoe hold’em) is played exactly the same way as Crazy Pineapple besides the fact that you don’t have to muck one of the three hole cards at all. Keep in mind that the rules for determining the best hand are still the same as in Texas Hold’em: none, one or two hole cards may be used to define the combination of the five strongest cards. You are not allowed to used all three hole cards at showdown.

Super Hold’em

Just like in Lazy Pineapple Poker, in Super Hold’em you keep all three cards until showdown. The difference is that you may use up to all three hole cards when determining the best hand.

Hi-Lo (8 or better)

The variations of Crazy Pineapple Poker described above can also be used with High / Low (hi/lo), and “eight or better” (8/b) rules. You may know these rules for defining the winner at showdown from Omaha hi/lo. The way the poker game is played remains the same, but with 8/b you may have one or several players winning/splitting the pot.

A low hand is a hand with card values of “8” or lower. The ace is counted as a 1. If at least one player has a low hand then the pot is split between the player with the highest hand and the player with the best low hand. If more than one player has a low hand, then the one with the lowest high card wins. Example: A player with ace-3-5-6-8 is losing against a player with 2-3-4-6-7.

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