Double Holdem – almost like Crazy Pineapple

Double Hold’em is the latest invention of Party Poker . Double Hold’em is basically exactly the same as Crazy Pineapple Poker. You also get three hole cards (cards face down). After the flop you need to determine one of the three hole cards as “Point Card” . Each of your other two hole cards plays with the point card. They then play both of your two-card hand with the five community cards, in other words, you have twice as much fun as in Texas Hold’em.

At the beginning of a new round each player receives three cards face down, which can only be seen and used by the player. Then the five community cards (Flop, Turn, River) are laid out in the middle of the table for everyone to be seen. Double Holdem is like in Texas Hold’em divided into four rounds of betting and the players come in a clockwise turn. The player left to the dealer button begins the betting and the dealer button moves after each game a place to the left. In online games, the dealer button replaces the “real” dealer.

If two or more players have equal five-card hands, the pot is divided equally among those players. If an odd chip remains left, it goes to the player left of the dealer.

In contrast to Crazy Pineapple Poker, on the flop at Double Holdem you do not have to muck one of the three hole cards. You just have to determine a point card. If you want to form the best hand on the river from two of your hole cards, then you have to use the point card.

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